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Proceedings ASMDA 2005 (one huge file: 22 Mb)

Part I. Keynote Speakers

Weighted Cramér-von Mises-type Statistics,
Paul Deheuvels

The Entire Regularization Path for then Support Vector Machine,
Trevor Hastie, Saharon Rosset, Robert Tibshirani, Ji Zhu

Biological Aggregation at the Interface Between Theory and Practice,
William H. E. Day

GARCH Options in Incomplete Markets,
Giovanni Barone-Adesi, Robert Engle, Loriano Mancini

Part II. Analysis of Textual Data

Visualization of textual data: unfolding the Kohonen maps,
Ludovic Lebart

Efficient Processing of Extra-grammatical Sentences: Comparing and Combining two approaches to Robust Stochastic parsing,
Marita Ailomaa, Vladimír Kadlec, Jean-Cédric Chappelier, Martin Rajman

Clustering units from frequency and nominal variables: definition of a global distance. Application to survey data with closed and open-ended questions,
Mónica Bécue, Jerôme Pagès

Conceptual document indexing using a large scale semantic dictionary providing a concept hierarchy,
Martin Rajman, Pierre Andrews, María del Mar Pérez Almenta, Florian Seydoux

Synonym Dictionary Improvement through Markov Clustering and Clustering Stability,
David Gfeller, Jean-Cédric Chappelier, Paolo De Los Rios

Evaluation of a Probabilistic Method for Unsupervised Text Clustering,
Loïs Rigouste, Olivier Cappé, François Yvon

Part III. Bioinformatics and Statistics

A Hidden Markov Model applied to the analysis of protein 3D-structures,
AC. Camproux, F. Guyon, R. Gautier, J. Laffray, P. Tufféry

Boosting Blast,
Cécile Capponi, Gwennaele Fichant, Yves Quentin, François Denis

A Segmentation-Clustering problem for the analysis of array CGH data,
F. Picard, S. Robin, E. Lebarbier, J-J. Daudin

The operons, a criterion to compare the reliability of transcriptome analysis tools,
A.-S. Carpentier, A. Riva, G. Didier, J.-L. Risler, A. Hénaut

Statistical and computational methods for haplotype reconstruction,
Pierre-Yves Boëlle

Modeling of biological networks,
Florence d’Alché-Buc, Vincent Schachter

HMM for local protein structure,
Juliette Martin, Jean-Francois Gibrat, Francois Rodolphe

Part IV. Knowledge Management and Data Mining

Assessing the interestingness of rules with a probabilistic measure of deviation from equilibrium,
Julien Blanchard, Fabrice Guillet, Henri Briand, Régis Gras

Implicative statistical analysis applied to clustering of terms taken from a psychological text corpus,
Jérôme David, Fabrice Guillet, Vincent Philippé, Régis Gras

Preference Learning in Terminology Extraction: A ROC-based approach,
Jérôme Azé, Mathieu Roche, Yves Kodratoff, Michèle Sebag

Parametrised measures for the evaluation of association rules interestingness,
Stéphane Lallich, Benoît Vaillant, Philippe Lenca

Visualisation and exploration of high-dimensional data,
Sylvain Lespinats, Alain Giron, Bernard Fertil

About the locality of kernels in high-dimensional spaces,
Damien Francois, Vincent Wertz, Michel Verleysen

Quality measure based on Kohonen maps for supervised learning of large high dimensional data,
Elie Prudhomme, Stéphane Lallich

Exploratory Data Analysis Leading towards the Most Interesting Binary Association Rules,
Alfonso Iodice D’Enza, Francesco Palumbo, Michael Greenacre

Dimension Reduction for Visual Data Mining,
Edwige Fangseu Badjio, François Poulet

Data Visualizations on small and very small screens,
Monique Noirhomme-Fraiture, Frédéric Randolet, Luca Chittaro, Grégory Custinne

Expert consulting and information combining: a sequential model,
Paola Monari, Patrizia Agati, Luisa Stracqualursi

Analysis of Multinomial Response Data: a Measure for Evaluating Knowledge Structures,
Ali Ünlü

Feature selection and preferences aggregation,
Gaelle Legrand, Nicolas Nicoloyannis

Indexing by Isotopy,
Christian Mauceri

Risk Management: An International Regulatory Framework,
Mourad Bara

Data Mining for Advanced Customer Management,
Beatriz Sanz Sàiz

ARQAT: An Exploratory Analysis Tool For Interestingness Measures,
Xuan-Hiep Huynh, Fabrice Guillet, Henri Briand

Kernel Methods and Visualization for Interval Data Mining,
Thanh-Nghi Do, François Poulet

Contingency table with a double partition on rows and columns. Visualization and comparison of the partial and global structures,
Mónica Bécue, Jerôme Pagès, Campo-Elías Pardo

Cost of Low-Quality Data over Association Rules Discovery,
Laure Berti-Équille

Part V. Clustering

Validation in unsupervised symbolic classification,
André Hardy

Attribute Selection for High Dimensional Data Clustering,
Lydia Boudjeloud, François Poulet

A Validation Methodology in Hierarchical Clustering,
Fernanda Sousa, Jorge Tendeiro

Determining the number of groups from measures of cluster stability,
G. Bel Mufti, P. Bertrand, L. El Moubarki

Hierarchical Classification for Seabed Characterization,
Christophe Osswald, Arnaud Martin

On the Fitting and Consensus of Classification Systems,
Bruno Leclerc

Comparison of distance indices between partitions,
L. Denoeud, H. Garreta , A. Guénoche

Kernel Logistic PLS: a new tool for complex classification,
Arthur Tenenhaus, Alain Giron, Gilbert Saporta, Bernard Fertil

A finite time stochastic clustering algorithm,
Andreea B. Dragut, Codrin M. Nichitiu

Comparison of different approaches,
Mohamed Nadif, Gérard Govaert

Un algorithme de normalisation des données à l’aide de graphes pour les traitement non-linéaire des données : Application à l’optimisation des cartes de Kohonen,
Catherine Aaron

Adaptation de l’algorithme SOM à l’analyse de données temporelles et spatiales : Application à l’étude de l’évolution des performances européennes en matière d’emploi,
Catherine Aaron, Corinne Perraudin, Joseph Rynkiewicz

Missing values: processing with the Kohonen algorithm,
Marie Cottrell, Patrick Letrémy

Part VI. Discriminant analysis and learning

Classification via kernel regression based on univariate product density estimators,
Bezza Hafidi, Abdelkarim Merbouha, Abdallah Mkhadri

Model Selection for Multi-class SVMs,
Yann Guermeur, Myriam Maumy, Frédéric Sur

Jean-Jacques Daudin, Tristan Mary-Huard

High Dimensional Discriminant Analysis,
Charles Bouveyron, Stéphane Girard, Cordelia Schmid

Learning fitness function in a combinatorial optimization process,
Frédéric Clerc, Ricco Rakotomalala, David Farrusseng

Invariances in Classification: an efficient SVM implementation,
Gaëlle Loosli, Stéphane Canu, S.V.N. Vishwanathan, Alex J. Smola

Learning numbers from Graphs,
Aurélie Goulon, Arthur Duprat, Gérard Dreyfus

Testing the number of parameters with multidimensional MLP,
Joseph Rynkiewicz

Independent Factor Discriminant Analysis,
Angela Montanari, Daniela Giovanna Caló, Cinzia Viroli

Measuring Distance from a Training Data Set,
Ilmari Juutilainen, Juha Röning

What is at stake in the construction and use of credit score?,
Mireille Bardos

A review of some semiparametric regression models with application to scoring,
Jean-Loïc Berthet, Valentin Patilea

Business cycle and Corporate Failure in France,
Eric Bataille, Catherine Bruneau, Alexis Flageollet, Frédéric Michaud

Part VII. Data Analysis

A Solution to the Discrete-Time Linear Estimation Problem Using PCA,
Rosa Fernández-Alcalá, Jesús Navarro-Moreno, Juan C. Ruiz-Molina

Total Least Squares for Functional Data,
Christophe Crambes

Forecasting binary longitudinal data by a functional PC-ARIMA model,
A. M. Aguilera, M. Escabias, M. J. Valderrama

Classification in Hilbert Spaces with Support Vector Machines,
Fabrice Rossi, Nathalie Villa

Functional Learning with Wavelets,
Laurent Rouvière

PLS discriminant analysis for functional data,
Cristian Preda, Gilbert Saporta

S-Class, A Divisive Clustering Method, and Possible "Dual" Alternatives,
Jean-Paul Rasson, François Roland, Jean-Yves Pirçon, Séverine Adans, Pascale Lallemand

Normalized k-means clustering of hyper-rectangles,
Marie Chavent

Generalized Symbolic Marking Of Complex Objects Through Intelligent Complex Miner Software CRM Applications,
Mireille Gettler Summa, Frederick Vautrain, Matthieu Barrault

Multidimensional Interval-Data: Metrics and Factorial Analysis,
Francesco Palumbo, Antonio Irpino

Clayton copula and mixture decomposition,
Etienne Cuvelier, Monique Noirhomme-Fraiture

Speeding up the self organizing map for dissimilarity data,
Aïcha El Golli

Characterization of Galois closed sets using multiway dissimilarities,
Jean Diatta

One-mode Additive Clustering for Multiway Data,
Dirk Depril, Iven Van Mechelen

Distances à trois voies : concepts théoriques et applications,
Mohammed Bennani Dosse

On the use of mutual information in data analysis: an overview,
Ivan Kojadinovic

Multivariate Statistical Analysis Approach in Modeling the Job Related Satisfaction,
Marta Dziechciarz

Customer satisfaction and PLS structural equation modeling. An application to automobile market,
Valentina Stan and Gilbert Saporta

River Water Quality Assessment And Prediction,
Henrique Garcia Pereira, Jorge Ribeiro

Part VIII. Mathematical statistics

Identification, estimation and control of uncertain dynamic systems: a nonparametric approach,
Nadine Hilgert, Vivien Rossi, Jean-Pierre Vila

Nonparametric Frontier estimation: A Multivariate Conditional Quantile Approach,
Abdelaati Daouia, Léopold Simar

Empirical likelihood for non-degenerate U-statistics,
Bing-Yi Jing, Junqing Yuan, Wang Zhou

Two results in statistical decision theory for detecting signals with unknown distributions and priors in white Gaussian noise.,
Dominique Pastor

Asymptotic Efficiency in Censored Alternating Renewal Processes,
Enrique E. Alvarez

Asymptotic results for the MPL estimators of the Contact Process,
Xavier Guyon, Besnik Pumo

A Practical Implementation of the Gibbs Sampler for Mixture of Distributions: Application to the Determination of Specifications in Food Industry,
Julien Cornebise, Myriam Maumy, Philippe Girard

Repeated Significance Tests for Distributions with Heavy Tails,
Joseph Glaz and Vladimir Pozdnyakov

Sequential Sampling Inspection Could Save Money: A Case in Connecticut in Point,
Nitis Mukhopadhyay

The Distributions of Stopping Times For Ordinary And Compound Poisson Processes With Non-Linear Boundaries: Applications to Sequential Estimation,
S. Zacks

Last exit times for a class of asymptotically linear estimators,
M. Atlagh, M. Broniatowski, G. Celant

Adaptive M-Estimators For Robust Covariance Estimation,
Christopher L. Brown, Ramon F. Brcich, Abdelhak M. Zoubir

Minimum Entropy Estimators in Semiparametric Regression Problems,
Eric Wolsztynski, Eric Thierry, Luc Pronzato

Part IX. Finance and Insurance

Fair valuation schemes for life annuity contracts,
Mariarosaria Coppola, Emilia Di Lorenzo, Marilena Sibillo

The Fair Valuation of Life Insurance Partecipating Policies: The Mortality Risk Role,
Massimiliano Politano

The relationship between Stock Market Returns and Inflation: An econometric investigation using Greek data,
Dimitris Ioannides, Costas Katrakilidis , Andreas Lake

An Application of the Stochastic McShane’s Equations in Financial Modelling,
G. Constantin

Brownian-laplace motion and its use in financial modelling,
William J. Reed

Managing VaR for a bond using bond put options,
Griselda Deelstra, Ahmed Ezzine, Dries Heyman, Michèle Vanmaele

Valuing Credit Default Swap in a non-Homogeneous Semi-Markovian Rating-Based Model.,
Guglielmo D’Amico, Giovanna De Medici, Jacques Janssen

Credit risk migration semi-Markov models: a reliability approach.,
Guglielmo D’Amico, Jacques Janssen, Raimondo Manca

An application of comonotonicity in multiple state models,
Jaap Spreeuw

Homogeneous Backward Semi-Markov Reward Models for Insurance Contracts,
Raimondo Manca, Dmitrii Silvestrov, Fredrik Stenberg

Discrete Time Reward Processes, Stochastic Annuities and Insurance Models,
Jaqcues Janssen, Raimondo Manca, Giuseppina Ventura

Part X. Health

Product-limit estimators of the survival function with left or right censored data,
Valentin Patilea, Jean-Marie Rolin

Stochastic Models Applied in Health Care and Medical Education,
Augustin Prodan, Madalina Rusu, Rodica Prodan, Remus Campean

Parametric and Non Homogeneous semi-Markov Process for HIV Control,
Eve Mathieu, Yohann Foucher, Pierre Dellamonica, Jean-Pierre Daures

Modelling the recurrence of bladder cancer,
Gregorio Rubio , Cristina Santamaría , Belén García , José Luis Pontones

A heuristic approach in hepatic cancer diagnosis using a probabilistic neural network-based model,
Marina Gorunescu, Florin Gorunescu, Marius Ene, Elia El-Darzi

Estimating Vaccine Efficacy,
Claude Lefèvre

Coalescent analysis of genetic instability,
Mathieu Emily, Olivier François

Play-the-winner rule in clinical trials: models for adaptative designs and Bayesian methods,
Bruno Lecoutre, Khadija Elqasyr

Part XI. Markov Processes

Time-Average Optimality for Semi-Markov Control Processes,
Anna Jaskiewicz, Andrzej S. Nowak

Centered Semi-Markov Random Walk in Diffusion Approximation Scheme,
Vladimir S. Koroliuk, Nikolaos Limnios

Nonparametric Estimation for Semi-Markov Processes Based on K-Sample Paths with Application to Reliability,
Nikolaos Limnios, Brahim Ouhbi

Visual tracking and auxiliary discrete processes,
Patrick Pérez, Jaco Vermaak

On Triplet Markov Chains,
Wojciech Pieczynski, François Desbouvries

Variations on Markovian Quadtree Model for Multiband Astronomical Image Analysis,
Christophe J.-F. Collet, Farid Flitti

Estimation for partially observed semi-Markov processes via self-consistency equations,
Odile Pons

On the estimation of the entropy rate of finite Markov chains,
Gabriela Ciuperca, Valerie Girardin

Some reward paths in semi Markov models with stochastic selection of the transition probabilities,
Aleka A. Papadopoulou, George M. Tsaklidis

NHMMPAR for the Analysis of Air Pollution in the Lagoon of Venice,
Roberta Paroli, Silvia Pistollato, Maria Rosa, Luigi Spezia

On Occurrences of Words under Markovian Hypothesis,
Ourania Chryssaphinou, Margarita Karaliopoulou, Nikolaos Limnios

Markovian auto-models with mixed states,
Cécile Hardouin, Jian-Feng Yao

A new detection scheme: the sequential Markov detector,
Didier Billon

Markov Random Fields for Recognizing Textures modeled by Feature Vectors,
Juliette Blanchet, Florence Forbes, Cordelia Schmid

Part XII. Queues and transportation

A multicriteria decision method to evaluate local transport service,
Laura Grassini, Alessandro Viviani

Queues with server vacations in urban traffic control,
Maria de Lurdes Simões, Paula Milheiro Oliveira, Américo Pires da Costa

Stability of the two queue system,
Iain M. MacPhee, Lisa J. Müller

Part XIII. Reliability and Survival Analysis

Diagnostic tests for frailty,
P. Economou, C. Caroni

On Thresholds of Moving Averages With Prescribed On Target Significant Levels,
A. R. Soltani, S. A. Al-Awadhi, W. M. Al-Shemeri

Weibull survivals with changepoints and heterogeneity,
Ana-María Lara-Porras, Esteban Navarrete-Alvarez, Julia García-Leal, José-Manuel Quesada-Rubio

Towards a filter-based EM-algorithm for parameter estimation of Littlewood’s software reliability model,
James Ledoux

On Two New Methods for Constructing Multivariate Probability Distributions with System Reliability Motivations,
Jerzy Filus, Lidia Filus

A reliability system governed by a LDQBD process,
Pérez-Ocón, Rafael, Montoro-Cazorla, Delia, Ruiz-Castro, Juan Eloy

Estimation Methods for Accelerated Failure Time Model,
Zhezhen Jin

Adaptive Design for Clinical Trials,
Mark Chang

Bayesian Analysis for Markers and Degradation,
Mei-Ling Ting Lee, Maria Shubina, Alan Zaslavsky

Part XIV. Spatial Processes

A Statistical Analysis of the 2D Discrete Wavelet Transform,
Alexandru Isar, Sorin Moga, Xavier Lurton

Stochastic Restoration Of Local-Scale Meteorological Records Under Urban Heat Island Signal,
Paulo Lucio, Ricardo Deus

Prediction and Conditional Simulation of a 2D Lognormal Diffusion Random Field,
Ramón Gutiérrez, Concepción Roldán, Ramón Gutiérrez-Sánchez, José M. Angulo

Approximating processes of stochastic diffusion models under spatial uncertainty,
L. Jódar, J. C. Cortés, P. Sevilla, L. Villafuerte

Part XV. Time Series

Nonparametric Regression in Time Series with Errors-in-Variables,
Dimitris Ioannides, Philippos Alevizos

Classification of GARCH Time Series: A Simulation Study,
Thomas Kalantzis, Demetrios Papanastassiou

Time series analysis, control charts: An industrial application,
Amor Messaoud, Claus Weihs, Franz Hering

Part XVI. Fuzzy Approach

Chaotic Aspects of a GRM1 Innovation Diffusion Model,
Christos H. Skiadas, Giannis Rompogiannakis, Apostolos Apostolou, John Dimotikalis

A New Modeling Approach Investigating the Diffusion Speed of Mobile Telecommunication Services in EU-15,
Apostolos N. Giovanis, Christos H. Skiadas

Time series prediction of the Greek manufacturing index for the non-metallic minerals sector using a Neuro-fuzzy approach (ANFIS),
George Atsalakis, Camelia Ucenic, Christos H. Skiadas

Solving fuzzy systems of linear equations by a nonlinear programming method,
H. Reynaerts, S. Muzzioli

Input Control in Fuzzy Non-Homogeneous Markov Systems,
Maria Symeonaki, Giogros Stamou

Part XVII. Internet Modelling

Modelling and analysis of Internet Pricing: introduction and challenges,
Yezekael Hayel, Patrick Maillé, Bruno Tuffin

Asymptotic behavior of a GPRS/EDGE network with several cells controlled by a global capacity limit,
Georges Nogueira, Bruno Baynat, Pierre Eisenmann

Estimation of the Memory index of transmission rate measurements,
Gilles Faÿ, François Roueff, Philippe Soulier

Part XVIII. Posters

Discrimination between deterministic trend and stochastic trend processes,
Jorge Caiado, Nuno Crato

Nonparametric laws in the performance evaluation of the reliable, unreliable and renewal systems,
Smail Adjabi, Karima Lagha, Nabil Zougab , Hillal Touati

Empirical comparison of Arcing algorithms,
Riadh Khanchel, Mohamed Limam

Estimation statistique de fonctions d’appartenance d’ensembles flous,
Florence Dupuis, Alain Hillion

Parameter optimization for Support Vector Regression,
Üstün, B., Melssen, W.J., Buydens L.M.C.

Bayesian Effetive Sample and Parameter Size,
Xiaodong Lin

Evaluating the Sensitivity of Goodness-of-Fit Indices to Data Perturbation: An Integrated MC-SGR Approach,
Massimiliano Pastore, Luigi Lombardi

Neural network nonlinear binary factor analysis ,
Dusan Husek, Alexander A. Frolov, Hana Rezankova, Vaclav Snasel, Michel Dufosse, Pavel Polyakov

Computing all-terminal reliability of stochastic networks with Binary Decision Diagrams,
Gary Hardy , Corinne Lucet , Nikolaos Limnios

On the multivariate kernel distribution estimator under association,
Cecília Azevedo, Paulo E. Oliveira

Reference curves estimation via Sliced Inverse Regression,
Ali Gannoun, Stéphane Girard, Christiane Guinot, Jérôme Saracco

Estimation of the population mean using auxiliary information when some observations are missing,
M del Mar Rueda, Silvia Gonzàlez, Antonio Arcos, Yolanda Romàn, M Dolores Martínez, Juan Fco. Muñoz

A Comparison of Methods for Joint Modelling of Mean and Dispersion,
Ilmari Juutilainen, Juha Röning



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