Scientific Committee


Telecom Bretagne (France)

  • Trevor HALL - University of Ottawa : web page
  • Jean-Louis DE BOUGRENET - Head of the Optics Dept.: web page
  • Patrice PAJUSCO - Head of the Microwave Dept.: web page
  • Daniel BOURREAU - Microwave Dept.: web page
  • Bruno FRACASSO - Optics Dept.: web page
  • Michel MORVAN - Optics Dept.
  • Michel NEY - Microwave Dept.
  • Xavier LAGRANGE - Network, Security & Multimedia Dept.: web page
  • Nicolas MONTAVONT - Network, Seciruty & Multimedia Dept.: web page


Telecom Sud Paris (France)

Telecom ParisTech (France)

  • Didier ERASME - Communication and Electronics Dept.: web page

University of Ottawa (Canada)

  • Yanping YAO        web page                                                                             


University Duisburg - Essen (Germany)

  • Andreas STÖHR -  Head of the Optoelectronics Dept.: web page
  • Dieter JÄGER                                                     :  web page

University College London (UK)

    Senior Lecturer, Electrical & Electronic Engineering Dept.: web page
  • Izzat DARWAZEH - (awaiting confirmation)
    Head of the Communications & Information Systems Group : web page

IEMN (Institute Of Electronics, Microelectronics And Nanotechnology)

  • Jean-Pierre VILCOT
    Director of research CNRS: web page 


INPG (Institute National Polytechnique De Grenoble)

  • Béatrice CABON 

Vendors/Telecom Operators

Orange Labs (France)