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Telecom Bretagne is around 20 minutes drive from Brest. All the major hotels are in the Brest center area.  The bus to Telecom Bretagne (or tramway followed by bus) is to be taken in the city center, e.g. just near Gare and Liberte spots. It takes approx. 30 minutes for the trip, a bus every 20 mins from 6AM to midnight.

A special bus will be managed by Telecom Bretagne for Wednesday evening dinner at POinte St Matthieu to bring you back to hotels.

You have three choices, depending on your expectations and fees:

  1. you prefer to be in the city center (e.g. shopping, social & evening life, visits),  approx. 30 mins from Telecom Bretagne. Please find below a selection of 5 hotels ordered by fees (Continental, Oceania, de la Gare, Abalys, St Louis); You will be near your hotel after Tuesday evening Town Hall cocktail, we will bring you back after Wednesday dinner;
  2. you prefer to be in a quiet environment and walk near cliffs, 30 mins from the city center, seaview, prefer Belvedere Hotel. You will be near Telecom Bretagne (5 mins by bus) and will have to take the bus to go back at your hotel Tuesday evening after Town Hall.
  3. you prefer great sightseeings, romantic areas, typical small fishing towns from Brittany just near, prefer Hostellery St Matthieu. You will need a car!

  • Hôtel Le Continental ****
    Square de la Tour d'Auvergne, 29200 Brest
    City center (walking distance to the Tram and bus stations to telecom Bretagne), quiet and comfortable. You should get down at Liberté stop and the hotel is 8 min walking.

  • Hôtel Océania Brest *** 
    82 Rue de Siam, 29200 Brest
    Located in the heart of Brest's town center, completely is non-smoking.You should get down at Liberté stop and the hotel is 4 min walking.

  • Citotel De La Gare ** 
    4 Boulevard Gambetta, 29200 Brest
    100 meters from the Palais des Congrès (Le Quartz).You should get down at Gare stop and the hotel is 3 min walking. Also just near Liberté station.

  • Abalys Hotel * 
    7 Avenue Clemenceau, 29200 Brest
     Walking distance from the train, bus and tram stations; snack bar and wireless Internet connection.You should get down at Gare stop and the hotel is 4 min walking.

  • Hotel Saint Louis * 
    6 Rue Algesiras, 29200 Brest
    Located in the heart of the city center, free wireless Internet connection.You should get down at Liberté stop and the hotel is 6 min walking.

If you prefer very quiet environment, then you could stay in the following hotels:

  • Hôtel du Belvédère *** 
    (5 minutes by car or 20 minutes walking distance from Telecom Bretagne, along cliffs, nice seaview)
    Please note that a regular Bus is to be taken just near the Hotel to Telecom Bretagne, line 2 (stop at Cosquer), ( perhaps the best place to be if you do not want to be in the city center, quiet area (perhaps too much for some ;), just near the meeting site.
    Technopôle Brest Iroise, 380 Rue Pierre Rivoalon, 29200 Brest
    28 guest rooms and 2 junior suites. Enjoy the view of the bay.
  • Hostellerie de la Pointe St Matthieu ****
    (20 minutes by car, marvellous sea view and sighseeings, where the Wednesday dinner will take place, pool, jacuzi, sauna, etc.)
    Pointe Saint Matthieu, 29217 Plougonvelin


2. In case of, taxis from Hotels to Telecom-Bretagne

 a.       Taxi:

                                                               i.      Taxi-Brest:       06 62 81 29 29

                                                             ii.      Taxi806:           02 98 80 68 06

                                                            iii.      Allo Taxi:          02 98 42 11 11

                                                           iv.      Taxi Brestois:    02 98 80 18 01 

 b.      Tramway: schedules available soon