Conférences, congrès, colloques, tribunes

Sightseeings before and/or after

Photos of the region, please have a look at Panoramio after locating Brittany

In Brest:

  • Oceanopolis
  • Tour Dajot: This rose tower is a memorial raised in the center of the course Dajot after the 1914-1918 war in 1927 by the American Battle Monuments Commission to commemorate the welcome given to the Americans during the First World War. Destroyed by the German occupation army (July 4, 1941) during World War II, it will be rebuilt exactly as in 1958, on land owned by the U.S.
  • Tanguy Tower
  • Maritime Museum
  • etc.

Near Brest:

If you will take a car from/to Paris: