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Tuesday Sessions:

  • Highlights on French Higher Education in Engineering: Claude Maury (CEFI)

  • Rethinking Engineering Education: The CDIO Framework: Johan Malmqvist (Chalmers Uni. of Technology)

  • CDIO Standards and Quality Assurance: from Application to Accreditation: Peter Gray (USNA-ret & Chalmers Uni. of Technology)

  • Evaluation, Accreditation, and Quality Assurance in France: Claude Maury (CEFI)

  • CDIO at Telecom Bretagne to meet Accreditation Expectations: Gabrielle Landrac (Telecom Bretagne)
    [Slides] [2012DetailledPaper]

  • Institutionalizing an Educational Framework: Kristina Edström (KTH & SkolkovoTech)
    [Slides] [BoyerExtract]

  • Industry Viewpoints: Mr. L’ingénieur: Nicolas Duez (Alcatel-Lucent) and Arnaud Giraudon (Regicom)


Wednesday Sessions:

  • Introductory Workshop: Kristina Edström (KTH & SkolkovoTech) & Sylvain Turenne (Polytechnique Montréal)
    [Slides1] [Slides2] [Slides3]
  • Self-evaluation Workshop: Juha Kontio (Turku Uni. of Applied Sc.) & Peter Gray (USNA-ret & Chalmers Univ. of Technology)
    [Slides1] [Slides2TUAS]
  • Students in Action: Marc Kieken, Alain Lequin & Nathalie Chelin (Telecom Bretagne)
    [Slides] [MoreDetails]
  • Students4QualityAssurance: Benjamin Kojchen (Telecom Bretagne)
    [Slides] -> paper under preparation for 2013 MIT/Harvard conf
  • An Intercultural GlobalVillage: Alison Gourves (Telecom Bretagne)
    [Slides] [Website4Details] [5 mins video]-> paper under preparation for 2013 MIT/Harvard conf