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Public Bus to go to Telecom Bretagne from the city center


Interactive map here

Dedicated printable Map for the meeting: here


  1. From Brest Center to Telecom Bretagne (approx. 30 minutes).
    • at Liberté station (Quartz or place) take the Bus line 2 (blue on the map) to stop at  Technopole station (in front of Telecom Bretagne, last station in the West-left). Start from Liberté Quartz at 7:50, 8:06, 8:22.
    • Otherwise, take the tramway line A to the end station "Porte de plouzané", and then take the bus line 2 (Technopole) or 13 (Plouzané), to stop at Technopole
  • For participants at Belvedere hotel, buses are no 2 (Technopole) and 13 (Plouzané), stop at Cosquer and then a short walk to the cliffs

For even more details: here

At registration and during the Tuesday evening, we will give you free tickets for you required trips