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Introductory Workshop

Schools and individuals interested in CDIO but unaware of the main concepts, or wishing to discover the initiative, are welcome and encouraged to attend Wednesday Introductory workshop. At this workshop you will gain an appreciation of the principles of the CDIO framework and begin to analyze how to apply tthem to your own programs: benefit from startup guidance from experienced CDIO practionners!

  • Overview of the 12 standards: Ready to Engineer
  • Standard 1 (context) and 2 (syllabus)
  • Standard 3 & 7 (integrated curriculum): designing an integrated curriculum and course design for integrated learning experiences
  • Standards 4, 5 & 6 (Design Implement Experiences)

Animators: Sylvain Turenne (Polytech' Montréal) and Kristina Edström (KTH & Skolkova Tech)