RSP 2015 Program

Rapid System Prototyping will be part of ESWeek'15, on October, 8-9 2015.
The current version of the program is presented below. A printable version is also available here as a PDF file.

October, 8th (Thu)

0830    Symposium Opening

Session 1 – Verification of software-based real-time systems

  • 0840 Keynote: Toward a Space System Development Framework, Jean-Loup Terraillon, Maxime Perrotin, Christophe Honvault, European Space Agency
  • 0930 Invited paper: Model-Based Design and Automated of ARINC653 Architectures using the AADL, Jérôme Hugues - ISAE SUPAERO / Institut Supérieur de l'Aéronautique et de l'Espace, France  and Julien Delange – Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute, USA

1000    Coffee Break

Session 2 – Energy-efficient embedded systems

  • 1030 Evaluation of Energy Savings on a VLIW Processor through Dynamic Issue-width Adaptation, Juan Sebastian Piedrahita Giraldo, Anderson Sartor, Luigi Carro, Stephan Wong and Antonio Carlos Schneider Beck
  • 1100 Application-Specific Memory Protection Policies for Energy-efficient and Reliable Embedded Systems Design, Sheng Yang, Rishad Shafik, Geoff Merrett, Bashir M. Al-Hashimi, Saqib Khursheed and David Flynn
  • 1130 X-Ware: Mutant Computing Substrates, João Gabriel Reis, Lucas Wanner and Antônio Augusto Fröhlich

1200    Lunch

Session 3 – Prototyping frameworks and experiences

  • 1330 Invited paper: Mapping of AADL models on an ESL Virtual Platform for Performance Verification, M. Gaudron – Computer and Software Engineering Department, Ecole Polytechnique de Montréal, Canada, Guy Bois - Space Codesign Systems, Canada, and Jérôme Hugues - ISAE SUPAERO / Institut Supérieur de l'Aéronautique et de l'Espace, France
  • 1400 Invited paper: Design of Critical Embedded Systems: from Early Specifications to Prototypes, Arnaud Grasset – Thalès Research & Tech - France
  • 1430 ROSMOD: A Toolsuite for Modeling, Generating, Deploying, and Managing Distributed Real-time Component-based Software using ROS, Pranav Srinivas Kumar, William Emfinger, Amogh Kulkarni, Gabor Karsai, Dexter Watkins, Benjamin Gasser, Cameron Ridgewell and Amrutur Anilkumar

1500    Coffee Break

Session 4 – Fast prototyping and parallelism extraction

  • 1530 Fast GPU-in-the-loop simulation technique at OpenGL ES API level for Android Graphics Applications, Youngsub Ko, Youngmin Yi, Joongbaik Kim and Soonhoi Ha
  • 1600 Challenges for the Parallelization of Loosely Timed SystemC Programs, Denis Becker, Matthieu Moy and Jérôme Cornet
  • 1630 Dynamic Data Flow Analysis for NoC Based Application Synthesis, Matthieu Payet, Virginie Fresse, Frédéric Rousseau and Pascal Remy
  • 1700 CAASPER: Providing Accessible FPGA-acceleration over the Network, Valentin Mena Morales, Yahia Brakni, Pierre-Henri Horrein and Amer Baghdadi


October, 9th (Fri)

Session 5 – Design and challenges of IP-based and cyber-physical systems

  • 0830 Ensuring Safety and Reliability of IP-based System Design – A Container Approach, Arun Chandrasekharan, Kenneth Schmitz, Ulrich Kühne and Rolf Drechsler
  • 0900 Proper Handling of Interrupts in Cyber-Physical Systems, Mateus K. Ludwich and Antônio Augusto Fröhlich
  • 0930 Towards an Analysis-Driven Rapid Design Process for Cyber-Physical Systems, Zsolt Lattmann, James Klingler, Patrik Meijer, Jason Scott, Sandeep Neema, Ted Bapty and Gabor Karsai
  • 0945 A Testbed to Simulate and Analyze Resilient Cyber-Physical Systems, Pranav Srinivas Kumar, William Emfinger and Gabor Karsai

1000    Coffee Break

Session 6 – Prototyping flows and hardware/software partitioning

  • 1030 GMA: A High Speed Metaheuristic Algorithmic Approach to Hardware Software Partitioning for Low-cost SoCs, Naman Govil and Shubhajit Roy Chowdhury
  • 1100 Generic Scrubbing-based Architecture for Custom Error Correction Algorithms, Rui Santos, Shyamsundar Venkataraman and Akash Kumar
  • 1130 A Multi-Objective Approach for Software/Hardware Partitioning in Reconfigurable Embedded Systems, Ihsen Alouani, Braham Lotfi Mediouni and Smail Niar
  • 1145 Hard Block Reduction and Synthesis Improvements in Odin II, Bo Yan and Kenneth Kent
  • 1200 Rapid prototyping of complete systems, the case study of a smart parking, Laurent-Frédéric Ducreux, Claire Guyon-Gardeux, Maxime Louvel, François Pacull, Safietou Raby Thior and Maria Isabel Vergara-Gallego

1215    Symposium Closing