Presentation of the Conference

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The 5th international conference on ITS Telecommunications (ITST 2005) will be held in Brest on 27 - 28 - 29 June, 2005.

After four previous editions in Asia, the conference is taking place for the first time in Europe. It will bring together engineers and scientists in the emerging field of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), and topics not only in ITS but also in the wider field of radiocommunications will be presented, given the close link between the two.

The conference will provide a forum within the international scientific and engineering community for the exchange of ideas, information and latest results on telecommunications and ITS applications.

There will be both oral and poster sessions, with contributed and invited papers. They will include the topics of transportation policy, economics and standards, as well as infrastructures, research results, technologies and applications. Technical exhibitions and demonstrations will be held at the congress center and technical visits will also be proposed.

Areas of interest include, but are not limited to:

•  Policy, Social and Institutional Issues

•  Bringing Applications and Services to vehicles

•  Broadcasting

•  Software design technologies

•  Architecture, Interoperability, Standards

•  Transmission Technologies

•  Access Control Schemes

•  Mobile IP

•  Social Impacts

•  Man Machine Interface

•  Ad-hoc Networks

•  Innovative technologies for In-Vehicle Communications

•  Inter-Vehicle Communications

•  Infrastructure to Vehicle Communications

•  Antennas and Propagation, smart antennas

•  Sensing Technologies: Radars, Lidars

•  On Board Equipment, Embedded Electronics

•  Device and Circuit Technologies

•  Navigation

•  EMC