Switch to french language Switch to italian language Switch to english Switch to spanish GLAT-BERTINORO 2006, 17-20 May

"Methodological Aspects of the Creation of Mono-lingual and Multi- lingual Lexicons."

The need to be understood, whether in countries of more than one language or within a framework of the multitude of specialist languages derived from economic, judicial, scientific, sporting or any other relations generated by globalization, has produced a disproportionate number of mono-lingual and multi-lingual lexicons. These are to be found in printed form or more and more in electronic format - "on-line dictionaries"

What methods have been employed to create these lexicons?
What are the selection criteria?
What selection techniques?
How are the results set out?
What technical support is used to classify and display information?
These and many other questions you may be asking yourselves will be most welcome at GLAT-BERTINORO2006.

We await your suggestions.

This conference is being organised by the GLAT (Groupe de linguistique Appliquée des Télécommunications) of the LCI (Langues et Culture Internationale) department of Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications de Bretagne, France, and the Scuola Superiore di Lingue Moderne per Interpreti e Traduttori de Forli, Université di Bologna, Italia, under the auspices of the 'Union Latine'.

Location : 

    Centre Résidentiel Universitaire . 6, via Frangipane, Bertinoro, Forli. Tél. : (39) 0543. 446500 Fax : (39) 0543. 446599

Dates : 

    from Wednesday 17 th May to Saturday 20 th May 2006.

Official languages : 

    English, French, Italian and Spanish.


GLAT-BERTINORO2006 will have one significant difference from previous conferences, the number of places available. The conference center can accept no more than 110 participants in total as the conference hall is limited to this number, as is the accommodation.

Given the character of the site and the nature of the services proposed by the Centre Résidentiel Universitaire de Bertinoro we are asking participants to pay a global fee.

Dates to remember

10 th November 2005 deadline for abstracts

        2 pages A4 format for the Scientific Committee in one of the four languages (English, French, Italian, Spanish).

        Abstracts less than 2 pages will not be accepted.

10 th December 2005 acceptance of abstracts by the Scientific Committee.

30 th January 2006 deadline for complete texts CD and paper.


Please write your paper for the proceedings using "Word" (this will allow us to number the pages and/or format the text). Please do not send us .pdf files since these cannot be modified in any way. We strongly recommend you send us your file as an e-mail attachment. Please do NOT send us a paper version.

The paper should not exceed 12 pages, including figures and tables. Fonts to be used : text in Times 12, title in Times 14 (bold), sub- headings in Times 12 (bold), and footnotes in Times 8.

Thank you.

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