Conférences, congrès, colloques, tribunes

Sunday 7th September

9h30 Social Program : visit

A one day tour to visit the countryside and beaches around Brest 

Registered and accompanying persons are welcome.

(return time 18h00 downtown Brest)

Monday 8th September

8h30 Registration

9h30 Session 1 : Opening Session. Chair Person: Yvon Kermarrec

09h30    Opening Talk

10h00   Invited Presentation  : Economic Incentive Models for Resource Management in Mobile Peer-to-Peer Computing.             (abstract)
            Prof. Sanjay Kumar Madria
            Missouri University of Science and Technology, USA

11h00 Coffee Break

11h30 Session 2 : Network Planning and management. Chair Person: Xavier Lagrange

11h30    Impact of Traffic Predictability on Resource Virtualization and Job Scheduling in Grid Networks
            Rosy Aoun and Maurice Gagnaire
            Telecom ParisTech, France

12h00    A Quality of Service (QoS) Resource Management Architecture for Wireless Mesh Networks
            Silke Meister and Christian Hartmann
            Technische Universität München, Germany

12h30    Dynamic Spectrum Allocation in Non-Continuous Blocks for Future Wireless Networks
            Attila Pasti, Laszlo Kovacs, Attila Vidacs
            Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary

13h00 Lunch

14h15 Session 3. Chair Person : Ralf Lehnert

14h15    Invited Presentation  : Opportunistic Communication in Disconnected Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks (abstract)
Frederic Guidec 
            Université de Bretagne Sud, France

15h15 Session 4 : Wireless Communications. Chair Person : Ralf Lehnert

15h15   Learning-BEB: Avoiding Collisions in WLAN
           J. Barcelo, B. Bellalta, C. Cano, M. Oliver
           Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain

15h45   A Novel Waiting-time Dependent Mechanism for Contention-based Initial Ranging in IEEE 802.16e Networks
           Jing Chi, Philippe Martins, Marceau Coupechoux
           Telecom ParisTech and CNRS LTCI, France

16h15   Adaptive Discovery Mechanism for Wireless Environments
           German Castignanni and Nicolas Montavont
           Telecom Bretagne, France and UBA, Argentina

16h45 Coffee Break

17h15 Session 5 : European Projects Guidance

17h15   Invited Presentation  : A practical guide for participating to FP7 projects (abstract)
           Pierre Simay
           Institut TELECOM, France 

18h00 Eunice General Assembly (Management Committee)


Tuesday 9th September 2008

9h30-12h30 Social Event : visit to the Oceanopolis Museum

Registered and Accompanying persons are welcome.

13h00 Lunch

14h15 Session 6 : Protocols and Services. Chair Person: Robert Szabo

14h15   Mobility and Multihoming Management and Strategies
           Amine Dhraief, Tanguy Ropitault and Nicolas Montavont
           Telecom Bretagne, France

14h45   Probability-based Information Dissemination in Urban Environments
           Miklos Mate and Rolland Vida
           University of Technology and Economics, Budapest, Hungary

15h15   Context-Based Spontaneous Services in Ubiquitous Environments: Some Application Examples
           Tuan Dung Nguyen and Siegfried Rouvrais
           Telecom Bretagne, France

15h45   Light and Simple Security Solution for Cold Chain Supervision
           M. Laurent-Maknavicius, C. Bekara, and W. Drira
           Telecom Sud Paris, France

16h15   Enhancing System Requirement and their traceability; application to Network Design (Short paper)
           E. Le Pors and O. Grisvard
           Thales Airborne Systems and Telecom Bretagne, France

16h30 Coffee Break

17h00 Session 7

 17h00   Invited Presentation  : The EVIDENS Project (abstract)
           Gilles Coppin
           Telecom Bretagne, France

17h30   Visit of the EVIDENS Lab

19h00 EUNICE 2008 Gala Dinner

Registered and Accompanying persons are welcome.

  Wednesday 10th September 2008

08h30 Session 8 :  Network and Service management. Chair Person : Aiko Pras

08h30   Ontology-based Capability Self-Configuration
           Patcharee Thongtra, Finn Arve Aagesen and Natenapa Sriharee
           Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway

09h00   Policy-Based QoS Management for Multimedia Communication
           Sajjad Ali Musthaq, Osman Salem, Christophe Lohr, Annie Gravey
           Telecom Bretagne, France

09h30   Integrating of GIS descriptions and web services
           Mohamed Kawtahrany, Oussama Kassem Zein, Cyril Ray, Yvon Kermarrec (Telecom Bretagne)
            and Christophe Claramunt (Naval Academy Research Institute), France

10h00   An operating system independent API for firewall control: design and implementation for Linux
           Sebastian Kiesel (NEC Laboratories Europe) and Jochen Kögel (University of Stuttgart), Germany

10h30  Coffee Break

11h00  Session 9 :  Closing Session. Chair Person: Annie Gravey

11h00   Invited Presentation  : Early Packet Discard: why it is useful.(abstract)
           Prof. Zigmantas Budrikis
           Curtin University of Technology, Western Australia  

12h00   Best Paper Award and Presentation Eunice 2009 venue

12h45 Lunch