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Instructions to Authors

Submission Tool

Papers should be submitted via the EasyChair Portal.

Submission Guidelines

IEEE Template Usage (see detailed instructions)

  • Use the templates provided

  • Up to 8 single-spaced A4 pages, 10-point Times New Roman style, 2 columns

  • Use conference template

  • LaTeX class options: conference, a4paper

  • No keywords/index terms

  • Put sponsors in an acknowledgement section, not in a footnote

  • Upload pdf/ps only

Authors kit

Eunice 2008 must be mentioned in the bottom of papers. You can either add it in your version or use the new template.

  • for latex,
    • use the package fancyhdr : usepackage{fancyhdr}
    • add the following commands just before begin{document}
      • pagestyle{fancy}
        lfoot{A. Gravey, Y. Kermarrec, X. Lagrange (Eds.)}
        rfoot{EUNICE 2008 copyright IFIP 2008}
    • add the following commands just after maketitle
      • thispagestyle{fancy}
  • for word
    • remove the header
    • put in the bottom "A. Gravey, Y. Kermarrec, X. Lagrange (Eds.) Eunice 2008 ©IFIP 2008

Latex Template for Windows or MAC

Word Template

Papers selected for oral presentations will be published in IFIP digital Library. Please download the IFIP copyright form. Note that each author must sign the copyright and send it to eunice2008copyright at (a scanned version is OK).