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Call for Papers Eunice 2008

Which networks for which services

The number of network technologies has dramatically increased over the 10 past years. This growth concerns network architecture issues (operator-centric versus autonomous networks), access technologies (UMTS, WiFi, WiMax, ADSL, FTTH, etc.), and core network operation (IPv6, IMS, etc.).

When a new technology appears, one question often remains unsolved: which services may be developed with this technology? This question raises several other issues: how are existing services impacted by this technology? Which new features are enabled by this technology? Is the technology appropriate to guarantee end-to-end quality of service? What is the evolution path between current network implementations and an implementation using this new technology? Is it possible to interconnect different technologies? How is security ensured if this new technology is implemented?

The theme for the EUNICE 2008 summer school “Which networks for which services?” has been proposed to promote fruitful exchanges between academic institutions and Industry, who are equally concerned with the above issues.

The Eunice Summer School is open to researchers from any institution, and we cordially invite all researchers to contribute with original submissions. Proceedings of the conference will be published in the IFIP Digital Library.

Users and usage

  • User characterization and profiling
  • User-centric services
  • Quality of Experience
  • Social impact of services

Services and Applications

  • Anonymity and privacy
  • Mobile services
  • Location and context-based services
  • Nomadic communications
  • Ubiquitous computing
  • Service architectures in future networks
  • End-to-End Quality of Service

Networks and Infrastructures

  • Core networks
  • Radio access networks
  • Heterogeneous access networks
  • Ad-hoc and sensor networks

Architectures and Protocols

  • Core and edge node architectures
  • Security protocols
  • Access control and Intrusion Detection
  • 3G and beyond 3G architectures
  • Cross-layer optimisation

Theoretical and Formal Methods

    • Data fusion and Data mining
    • Formal methods for security
    • Protocol engineering
    • Network simulation
    • Performance

New Submission deadline : May 14, 2008