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2007 Summer School - draft programme

Please note this is a preliminary programme - it will be filled gradually as contributed prsentations are received and selected. If required, extra time can be made available for contributed presentations on the Friday morning.

MONDAY 16th July

11h00 Welcome Desk (Information, registration) opens
12h00-13h30 Lunch
13h30-15h30 e-PhotonONe+ VD-T, JP-E and JP-T joint workpackage meeting (Room D2-210)
15h30-16h00 Coffee break
16h00-18h30 JP-E and JP-T workshops. (Rooms B1-010 and B1-012)
19h00 Dinner


TUESDAY 17th July 

Expert presentations on advanced optical communications
08h30-10h15 Cedric Ware (GET/ENST Paris) : Digital and Optical Communications Refresher - Future systems.
10h15-10h45 Coffee break
Mark Shtaif (Tel Aviv University, Israel) : Polarization effects in optical communications systems.
12h30-14h00 Lunch

 Contributed presentations on advanced optical communications
 14h00 M.Chochol (NIT Wasaw) : Comparison of Different Efficient & Accurate Simulation Methods of Light Propagation in Multi-channel Transmission Systems
 14h20 S.Zsigmond (University Budapest) : Traffic Grooming and Impairments Constraints Based Routing
 14h40 L. Vazquez-Zuniga (University Southamption) : Design of a Fibre Bragg Grating for Decoding DPSK Signals
 15h00 J.Cornejo (ENST Bretagne) : Non-invasive WDM channel scrambling for secure high data rate optical transmissions
 15h20 M.Spyropoulou (AIT Athens) : Study of a 2R Regenerative Subsystem based on Quantum-Dot SOAs for Multiple Input Wavelengths at 40 Gb/s
15h40-16h00 Coffee break
 16h00 Q.Xu (ENST Paris) : Experimental Super Homodyne Quantum Key Distribution System
 16h20 J.Pérez (UPV-Valencia) : Performance Evaluation of the Parallel Mach-Zehnder Differential Linearization Architecture
 16h40 J.Montalvo (UC3M Madrid) : Compound Optical Filters based on Ring Resonators and Sagnac Loops for Dispersion Management in DWDM Networks
17h00 T.Loukina (Perdyn-ENST Bretagne) : Design and characterization of an OPM Prototype
17h00-19h00 e-PhotonONe+ WP-T workpackage meeting (Room D2-210)
19h00-21h00 Breton evening on campus : dinner and music (Restaurant)



 Expert presentations on access network systems
08h30-10h15 Christian Paquet (Alcatel, France) : The current and future access network : an equipment provider's viewpoint.
10h15-10h45 Coffee break
10h25-12h30 Philippe Chanclou (France Telecom R&D, France) : The current and future access network : an operator's viewpoint.
12h30-14h00 Lunch

Contributed presentations on access network systems
 14h00 X.Shen (University Cambridge) User Workload based Access Network Traffic Emulation
 14h20 A.Germoni (University Rome) Shared per Wavelength Optical Packet Switch Dimensioning by a Classical Occupancy Problem Solution
 14h40 J.DomżaÅ‚ (University Krakow) Comparison and Analysis of Singlering and Multiring RPR Architectures
 15h00 M.Niemiec (University Krakow) Analysis of possibility of the Quantum Key Distribution implementation in the Passive Optical Networks
 15h20 J.Fabrega (UPC Barcelone) Low-cost Homodyne Receiver for ultra-dense WDM PON
 15h40 K.Yuksel (University Mons) Centralised Optical Monitoring of a tree-structured Passive Optical Network using a Raman-assisted OTDR
16H00 M.Kantor (University Krakow) Performance evaluation of reliability parameters for PON access network.
16h30 Social evening : trip to Brest, cruise on Brest bay with dinner on boat

THURSDAY 19th July 

Expert presentations on short range optical communications systems
08h30-10h15 Wolfgang Bott : (MOST cooperation, Germany) : In vehicle optical communications systems.
10h15-10h45 Coffee break
10h45-12h30 Richard Penty : (University of Cambridge, UK) : Optical Datacommunications for building sized networks.
12h30-14h00 Lunch

Contributed presentations on short range optical communications systems
14h00 P.Urban (University Eindhoven) : 1.25 - 10 Gbit/s Reconfigurable Access Network
14h20 S.Lee (University Eindhoven) : Low-Cost 10-Gb/s Transmission Systems with Multimode Fibre using Discrete Multi-tone Modulation
14h40 I.Mollers (University Duisberg-Essen) : A Novel Electroabsorption Transceiver for Short Range POF Links
15h00 F.Breyer (University Munchen) : 500-Mbit/s Transmission over 50 m Standard 1-mm Step-Index Polymer Optical Fibre using PAM4-Modulation and Simple Equalisation Schemes
15h20 Q.Nguyen (France Telecom Lannion) : Ultra Wide Band over Fibre Transparent Architecture for High Bit-rate Home Networks
15h40 P.Lallana (UC3M Madrid) : Plug and Play Connector for Automotive POF Networks
16h00 Coffee break
16h15 Laboratory visits
18h00 Closing cocktail
19h00 Dinner


FRIDAY 20th July

8h30-12h45 FREE - No workpackage meetings