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EphotonONE                         SUMMER SCHOOL 16-20th July 2007

"Advanced optical communications systems :

from short range to long haul networks"


The e-Photon/ONe+ Summer School 2007 will take place from 16th to 20th July 2007 at the ENST Bretagne in Brest, France (partner GET). The school will consist of :

  • Tutorials given by invited teachers and experts.
  • Presentations of submitted papers.

The school is open to all participants from e-Photon/ONe+ and to those outside the project. The title and subject scope are deliberately wider than the previous summer schools since this event is being co-sponsored by both the e-PhotonONe Network of Excellence and the COST 291 action (“Towards digital optical networks”). If you are potentially interested, please fill in the expression of interest form on the site straight away so that we can keep you informed of the upcoming call for papers.

Submissions will be welcomed on subjects in, but not restricted to, the following areas :

  • In-house/building optical networks.
  • In vehicle (automobile, aircraft, seacraft ...) optical networks (ex. MOST).
  • High capacity short-range optical fibres, multimode and POF.
  • Gigabit Ethernet and 10GbE.
  • Passive Optical Networks.
  • Access Networks.
  • Fibre To The Home/building/curb ... (FTTx).
  • Radio over fibre.
  • Interboard optical communications.
  • Optical compensation of transmission impairments.
  •  Electrical methods of impairment compensation and adaptation.
  • Modulation formats for high bit rate metro and long-haul systems.
  • Transmitter and receiver subsystems.
  • Optical performance monitoring.
  • Coherent systems.

If you have any questions concerning this event please contact Kevin Heggarty.