09:00-10:00  Opening Welcome


Session 1: Clustering (Chair: Joan Garriga)

10:00-10:25: Anca Ivanescu, Marc Wichterich and Thomas Seidl. ClasSi: Measuring Ranking Quality in the Presence of Object Classes with Similarity Information

10:25-10:50: Vlad Estivill-Castro. The Instance Easiness of Supervised Learning for Cluster Validity

10:50-11:05  Coffee Break

11:05-11:30: Jean-Charles Lamirel, Pascal Cuxac and Raghvendra Mall. A new efficient and unbiased approach for clustering quality evaluation

Session 2: Data Structure (Chair: Dhruba Kr Bhattachayya)

11:30-11:55  Fedja Hadzic. A Structure Preserving Flat Data Format Representation for Tree-Structured Data

11:55-12:20  Fan Jun and Huang Tiejun. A fusion of algorithms in near duplicate document

Lunch (12:20-13-30)


13:30-14:20 Invited talk (Chair: Vlad Estivill-Castro)

Longbing Cao. Knowledge Actionability: Evaluation and Practices

Session 3: Patterns & Rules (Chair: Jean-Charles Lamirel)

14:20-14:45  Guangfei Yang, Yanzhong Dang, Shingo Mabu, Kaoru Shimada and Kotaro Hirasawa. Searching Interesting Association Rules based on Evolutionary Computation

14:45-15:10  Akshat Surana, Uday Kiran and Polepally Krishna Reddy. An Efficient Approach to Mine Periodic-Frequent Patterns in Transactional Database

15:10-15:25  Coffee Break

15:25-15:50  Wu Jianjun, Wan Li and Xu Zeren. Algorithms to Discover Complete Frequent Episodes In Sequences

15:50-16:15  Joan Garriga. Certainty upon Empirical Distributions

16:15-16:40  Closing