(Informal) Proceedings of QIMIE'11

Revised versions will be published in LNCS and some papers presented at PAKDD Workshops will be published in Frontiers of Computer Science in China Journal, Springer.

Please find below the informal proceedings of QIMIE'11 and single PDF files for each paper.

All the Proceedings in one PDF file (11.2 Mo).

Anca Ivanescu, Marc Wichterich and Thomas Seidl. ClasSi: Measuring Ranking Quality in the Presence of Object Classes with Similarity Information

Vlad Estivill-Castro. The Instance Easiness of Supervised Learning for Cluster Validity

Jean-Charles Lamirel, Pascal Cuxac and Raghvendra Mall. A new efficient and unbiased approach for clustering quality evaluation

Fedja Hadzic. A Structure Preserving Flat Data Format Representation for Tree-Structured Data

Fan Jun and Huang Tiejun. A fusion of algorithms in near duplicate document

Guangfei Yang, Yanzhong Dang, Shingo Mabu, Kaoru Shimada and Kotaro Hirasawa. Searching Interesting Association Rules based on Evolutionary Computation

Akshat Surana, Uday Kiran and Polepally Krishna Reddy. An Efficient Approach to Mine Periodic-Frequent Patterns in Transactional Database

Wu Jianjun, Wan Li and Xu Zeren. Algorithms to Discover Complete Frequent Episodes In Sequences

Joan Garriga. Certainty upon Empirical Distributions