The Symposium will be the opportunity to provide a broad overview of the current status and advanced research in iterative methods and their application to information theory, especially for digital communications. All contributions based on the "turbo" or "probabilistic message passing" principle will be considered, in both the theoretical and the application field. The non exhaustive list below gives possible topics for the papers submitted:

  • error correction coding, turbo codes and turbo-like codes (parallel, serial, convolutional, block, LDPC, ...)
  • coded modulation and turbo coded modulation
  • detection and turbo detection
  • equalization and turbo equalization
  • multi-user detection
  • synchronization and turbo synchronization
  • any combination of the above functions
  • bounds and performance
  • component algorithms (SOVA, MAP, ...)
  • interleaving and graphs
  • convergence properties
  • circuits and software
  • current applications and standards
  • new applications of the "message passing" method

The symposium will include regular papers for oral and poster sessions as well as some invited papers.
Like for the previous Symposium, some papers will be selected for publication of an extended version, in a special issue of the "Annals of Telecommunications" journal.