List of accepted papers


The papers below have been accepted by the Program Committee after a careful review. You will find after this list an abstract of the various papers.


Session S1: High Integrity

  • Alessandro Zovi and Tullio Vardanega. “Requirements on a Target Programming Language suited for a High-Integrity MDE Environment”, abstract
  • Santiago Urueña, Juan Zamorano and Juan Antonio de la Puente. «A restricted middleware profile for high-integrity distributed real-time systems”, abstract
  • Julien Delange, Laurent Pautet and Feiler Peter. “Validating safety and security requirements for partitioned architectures”, abstract


Session  S2: Testing

  • Man Fai Lau and Yuen Tak Yu. “On Comparing Testing Criteria for Logical Decisions, abstract
  • Didier Buchs, Levi Lucio and Ang Chen. “Model Checking Techniques for Test Generation from Business Process Models”, abstract


Session S3: Education

  • Francisco J. Montoya-Dato, Jose Luis Fernández-Alemán and Ginés García-Mateos.  An Experience on Ada Programming Using On-line Judging, abstract
  • Claude Kaiser and Jean-François Pradat-Peyre. “Using Java or C# Monitor for a concurrency kernel implies defensive multithreading programming, abstract


Session S4: Real Time

  • Mario Aldea Rivas, Michael González Harbour and José F. Ruiz. “Implementation of the Ada 2005 Task Dispatching Model in MaRTE OS and GNAT, abstract
  • Alan Burns, Andy Wellings and Fengxiang Zhang. “Combining EDF and FP: Analysis and Implementation in Ada 2005, abstract
  • Amine Marref and Guillem Bernat. “Predicated Worst-Case Execution-Time Analysis, abstract


Session S5: MDE

  • Sergio Sáez, Silvia Terrasa, Vicent Lorente and Alfons Crespo. “Implementing Reactive Systems with UML State Machines and Ada 2005, abstract
  • Jose L. Fernandez and Gloria Marmol. “Modelling and Evaluating Real-Time Software Architectures, abstract
  • Liliana Favre. “A Formal Foundation for Metamodeling, abstract


Session S6: MDE / AADL

  • Lei Pi, Jean-Paul Bodeveix and Mamoun FILALI-AMINE. “Modeling AADL Data Communication with BIP, abstract
  • François Vernadat, Bernard Berthomieu, Jean-Paul Bodeveix, Christelle Chaudet, Silvano Dal Zilio and Mamoun Filali. « Formal Verification of AADL Specifications in the Topcased Environment, abstract
  • Oleg Sokolsky, Insup Lee and Duncan Clarke. “Process-Algebraic Interpretation of AADL Models, abstract
  • Lasnier Gilles, Zalila Bechir, Pautet Laurent and Hugues Jérôme. “OCARINA: An Environment for AADL Models Analysis and Automatic Code Generation for High Integrity Applications, abstract


Session S7: Ensuring Software Integrity

  • Eric Le Pors and Olivier Grisvard. “Conceptual Modeling for System Requirements Enhancement, abstract
  • Christine Choppy, Olivier Bertrand and Patrice Carle. “Coloured Petri nets for chronicle recognition", abstract