During the 14th edition of the Reliable Software Technologies Conference / Ada Europe and its social events, you will have the opportunities to interact with peers, colleagues and speakers. 



The social program of the conference will open with a welcome reception at Oceanopolis: Brittany sea park
by the Marina in Brest. The Sea Park is organized around 3 pavillons which highlight the diversity and the habitat of the seas arouns the world: a temperate pavillon which presents sea life around Brittany,
the tropical pavillion displays tropical and colourful fishes and sharks, the polar pavillion is home of about 40 penguins.

The 50 aquariums make it possible to observe the various animals and plants in their habitat and numerous activities (interactive games, posters, movies, ...) provide valuable information to discover the under-sea world. The brochure highlights the activities and the website the ongoing events:

The social event will be organized around 3

  • a guided visit of the 3 pavillions.
  • a concert from the University of Brest (Université de Bretagne Occidentale), with a program of classical music
  • a buffet

Ellidiss Technologies sponsors the reception at Oceanopolis.


Conference Banquet

The conference banquet will take place by the sea side, in the charming village of Porspoder, located 25 km North West of Brest: this area provides a spectacular landscape of rough cliffs and sandy coves, and impressive marine streams  due to the collision of the Channel and the Atlantic waters.

 Ada Core Technologies sponsors the banquet dinner.