Workshop Format

Each paper will be a 20-minutes presentation, followed by 10-minutes discussion and debate. The workshop will start with a talk by an invited speaker and will close with a panel to discuss key questions and topics that arise from the presentations. The panel will be multidisciplinary including researchers and practitioners from both academia and industry who have presented the best and/or most controversial papers.

Workshop Program

Saturday, August 23rd

Proceedings will be included on the electronic media distributed to all VLDB participants

Download Program in PDF Format !

  • 9:00AM Invited Talk shared with the NTII workshop

    Data access and integration with global constraints: why is it hard?
    Enrico Franconi (University of Bozen-Bolzano, Italy)

  • 10:15AM Welcome Note by Workshop Chairs
  • 10:30AM Morning Tea Break
  • 11:00AM SESSION I - Ontologies and Data Interoperability

    Structure- and Extension-Informed Taxonomy Alignment
    K. Selcuk Candan (Arizona State University, USA), Mario Cataldi, Maria Luisa Sapino, Claudio Schi-fanella (University of Torino, Italy)

    Ontologies And Databases: Going Back And Forth
    Paolo Atzeni, Stefano Paolozzi, Pierluigi Del Nostro (University of Roma, Italy)

    Ontology Enrichment and Automatic Population From XML Data
    Christophe Cruz, Christophe Nicolle (University of Bourgogne, France)

  • 12:30AM Lunch Break
  • 2:00PM SESSION II - Ontology-based Data Processing

    Toward Public Opinions Detection: Measuring the Similarity between Instant Messages
    Le Wang, Ying-Wen Chen, Yan Jia (Computer college National University of Defense Technology Changsha, China)

    Ontology-Assisted Data Transformation and Integration
    Lucas Zamboulis, Alexandra Poulovassilis, Jianing Wang (University of London,UK)
  • 3:00PM Afternoon Tea Break
  • 3:30PM SESSION III - Ontology-based Representation

    A Methodology for Building and Querying an Ontology representing Data and Multimedia Sources
    Domenico Beneventano (University of Modena, Italy), Claudio Gennaro (ISTI CNR, Pisa, Italy), Francesco Guerra (University of Modena, Italy)

    Accessing heterogeneous databases on the semantic Web: A distributed description logics-based approach
    Mourad Ouziri (University of Paris Descartes, France)

    Towards a Context Ontology to Enhance Data Integration Processes
    Damires Souza, Rosalie Belian, Ana Carolina Salgado, Patricia Tedesco (Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil)