Call for Papers ODBIS 2008

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Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

  • Ontology-driven database design
  • Ontology-based database schema matching
  • Ontologies for database integration
  • Ontologies for accessing legacy databases
  • Ontologies for automated query and reporting systems
  • Ontologies for semi-structured data
  • Ontologies for searching document databases
  • Ontology-driven extraction of metadata or semantic annotations from documents
  • Ontology-driven reasoning on metadata or semantic annotations
  • Data filtering, cleaning, and summarization using ontologies
  • Ontologies for database semantic interoperability
  • Ontology-based mediation systems
  • Data mining techniques using ontologies
  • Ontology-driven knowledge discovery
  • Ontology-based interpretation and validation of extracted knowledge
  • Data and ontology alignment, integration, merge
  • Ontology storage in databases
  • Ontology elicitation from databases
  • Ontologies, databases and distribution
  • Applications, evaluations, and experiences in Scientific Databases, Web-based Information Systems ,Geographic IS, Bioinformatics, etc