Conference title: "Terminology: Texts, discourse and access to specialised knowledge"



Nowadays, the transmission of specialised knowledge has taken on a fundamental importance in order to guarantee full citizen participation in public life. The opportunity to have full access to specialised knowledge and concepts represents an asset in some circumstances and a necessary condition in others, not only for professional communities, but also for a growing number of people belonging to various heterogeneous backgrounds. Individual mobility and economic globalisation demand that policies encouraging multilingual access to specialised knowledge be put into place.

To address this burning issue, the GLAT GENOVA 2012 conference will focus on issues related to the transmission and popularisation of specialised knowledge in multilingual and multicultural contexts. The following lines of inquiry will be addressed:


For users

1.- How can we promote access to specialised knowledge?

a) Popularisation and transmission of specialised knowledge. Access for non-native speakers (e.g. immigrants) and for disabled speakers.

b) Training in semi-specialised knowledge.

c) National and local policies supporting semi-specialised training.


For trainers

 2.- Training in specific knowledge in specialised contexts.

a) Linguistic training in the public and private sectors (universities, private organisations, etc.)

b) Interlinguistic mediation in specialised sectors (paramedical, paralegal, etc.)


For specialists

3.- Practical application of specialised knowledge and professional experience.