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Brest - Arriving by plane

Brest is linked to the whole of Europe by an international airport: Brest-Bretagne. It is less than one hour from Paris (10 flights per day), and only one hour from London. Other direct-flight destinations include Nantes, Lyon, Nice, Marseille, Toulon, Birmingham, Exeter and Southampton.

Brest-Bretagne Airport

Airport-campus transportation

The journey by taxi from the airport to the college takes 30 to 40 minutes.

A shuttle service links Brest Bretagne airport and Brest city centre several times a day. It stops at Saint Luc, Place de la Liberté (close to the tourist office) and the railway station. The journey takes around 15 minutes. Tickets can be purchased on the bus.

From Place de la Liberté take the number 28 bus to get to the ENST Bretagne campus. 


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Brest - Arriving by train

If you choose to go by rail, there are 8 high-speed trains (TGV) each day from Paris-Montparnasse station. You can buy your ticket on-line at the SNCF-TGV website.

Brest train station

Station-campus transportation

Taxis are available just outside the railway station.

If you prefer to take the bus, walk along the covered pedestrian pathway in front of you, just outside the station and turn right at the very end. Walk along Avenue Georges Clémenceau for about 5 minutes up to the Place de la Liberté where you must look for the number 28 bus.

Brest - Public transportation

Bus route to ENST Bretagne

Bus number 28 leaves from 'Place de la Liberté' (main square in the centre of town). The journey lasts 15 to 20 minutes and you get off at 'La Pérouse' (ask the driver, or watch out for the 4th bus stop after the Ifremer roundabout. This roundabout is at the top of a sharp hill just after a small port).



Bus map and times on Bibus site (in French only)