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Relevant topics of interest to be discussed in this workshop include but are not limited to the following aspects:

1.    Global learning environments

  • How can we reuse linked data to suggest activities and/or collaborations with other users on different environments and furthermore, how can we provide guidance to learners?
  • How can we help tutors and teachers to understand learning processes and learner progression?
  • What will be the contribution of pervasive learning 3.0 to pedagogical design and activities (e.g., field work, inquiry learning…)?
  • What are the possible infrastructure solutions that will enable the aggregation of learning services and data interoperability among them (e.g., facebook, skype and blogs)?

2.    Institutional and social environment integration

  • How can we integrate institutional learning and personal informal learning through the use of social media and mash-up techniques?
  • How can we define global scenarios including formal and informal learning in social environments?
  • How to support learning activities in context and across contexts?

3.    User modelling

  • How can social data ontological tools like FOAF, SIOC, etc. enrich the user model?
  • Can we build and leverage a rich user model, built from linked data on the learning web environments?

4.    Context and adaptation

  • How can we develop new approaches to modelling context, arising from interactions between people, locations and interactive artefacts?
  • How can context be dynamically adapted to social environments, to enable local and global adaptivity?
  • How can continually changing contextual data be interpreted at the semantic level?