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This workshop seeks to foster discussions and conceptual ideas regarding the convergence of three technologies which will have a major impact on next generation of technology enhanced learning environments, namely; pervasive computing, social media and the semantic web. Each one of these technologies provides its own opportunities and challenges as their convergence has the potential to enable the development of new educational practices in situated and networked learning.

This workshop aims at bringing together both practitioners and academics interested in these topics in order to explore and make a first statement on the opportunities and challenges that arise while combining pervasive computing, social media and the semantic web for the design and implementation of future learning landscapes. The workshop will facilitate discussions aiming at identify and summarize main theoretical and technological design concerns related to the increasing use of the technologies mentioned above in a variety of educational settings. It is expected that the main outcome of the workshop will result on a summarizing document (in the form of a white paper) that clearly describe future research directions on the related topics discussed during the workshop.