These papers have been reviewed by 4 members of the PC and have been selected for their valuable content. Specific slots in the program have been allocated for these presentations:

  • Véronique Fabre, Catherine Tesseidre (Thales Avionics Toulouse, France), Madeleine Faugère (Thales Research and Technology, France), "Flight Management System validation thought performance analysis and simulation", position paper
  • John S. Harbaugh (The Boeing Company, USA), "Pattern-Based Refactoring Shrinks Maintenance Costs", position paper
  • Matteo Bordin (AdaCore, France) "Couverture - Project Coverage - An Innovative Open Framework for Coverage Analysis of Safety Critical Applications", position paper
  • Pierre Gaufillet (Airbus, Toulouse, France), Sébastien Heim (CS, France),  Hugues Bonnin (CS, France), Pierre Dissaux (Ellidiss, France), "ITEA SPICES: AADL Experimentation at Airbus", position paper
  • Tucker Taft, (Softcheck, USA), "Region-Based Memory Management for Safety-Critical Systems", position paper
  • Thomas Vergnaud (Thales, France), Gregory Haik (Thales, France) Jérôme Hugues (Télécom ParisTech, France)  "MyCCM-HI: a framework to build component-based AADL applications", position paper