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The workshop will be organised at Télécom Bretagne, an engineering school, near the town of Brest in  Brittany, France.

Brest is located on the Western part of Brittany, 600 km away from Paris.


Brittany provides a unique combination of dramatic landscapes (sea cliffs, beaches, moors, ...) and a history heritage (Celtics remains, castles and manors, churches...). To see pictures of Région Bretagne, click here. You can also get information on Brest and its area from the Tourism Information Center.

Télécom Bretagne is located close to the city of Plouzané, on the western side of Brest. 

The campus is situated in the Brest-Iroise Science and Technology Park. Overlooking the ocean, this campus is undeniably one of the most beautiful in Europe.

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