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  Title Authors
1 Increasing the Rate of Spatially-Coupled Codes via Optimized Irregular Termination Mohammad Reza Sanatkar and Henry D Pfister (Duke University, USA)
2 Block Successive Cancellation Decoding of Polarization-based Codes Dina Goldin and David Burshtein (Tel Aviv University, Israel)
3 Design of Polar Coded 64-QAM Peiyao Chen, Minzi Xu and Baoming Bai (Xidian University, P.R. China); Xiao Ma (Sun Yat-sen University, P.R. China)
4 Distributed Compression of Correlated Sources using Systematic Polar Codes Charles Yaacoub and Malak Sarkis (Holy Spirit University of Kaslik (USEK), Lebanon)
5 A new approach to optimise Non-Binary LDPC codes for Coded Modulations Ahmed Abdmouleh, Emmanuel Boutillon and Laura Conde-Canencia (University of Southern Brittany, France); Charbel Abdel Nour and Catherine Douillard (Telecom Bretagne, France)
6 NB-LDPC check node with pre-sorted input Cédric Marchand and Emmanuel Boutillon (University of Southern Brittany, France)
7 Structural Analysis of Array-Based Non-Binary LDPC Codes Shancheng Zhao and Xiujie Huang (Jinan University, P.R. China); Xiao Ma (Sun Yat-sen University, P.R. China)
8 Lowering the Error Floor of double-binary Turbo Codes: the Flip and Check Algorithm Thibaud Tonnellier, Camille Leroux, Bertrand Le Gal and Christophe Jego (Bordeaux INP, IMS Laboratory, France); Benjamin Gadat and Nicolas Van Wambeke (Thales Alenia Space, France)
9 Universal Rate-Compatible LDPC Code Families for Any Increment Ordering Sudarsan Vasista Srinivasan Ranganathan and Kasra Vakilinia (University of California, Los Angeles, USA); Dariush Divsalar (Jet Propulsion Laboratory, USA); Richard Wesel (University of California, Los Angeles, USA)
10 Analysis of LDPC code syndrome entropy based on subgraphs David Matas and Meritxell Lamarca (Technical University of Catalonia (UPC), Spain)
11 Improved PEG construction of large girth QC-LDPC codes Madiagne Diouf, David Declercq and Marc Fossorier (ETIS, ENSEA/Univ. Cergy-Pontoise, France); Samuel Ouya (ESP/UCAD, LIRT, Senegal); Bane Vasic (University of Arizona, USA)
12 Construction of High-Rate QC-LDPC Codes With Multi-Weight Circulants Xiaoning Wu, Ming Jiang and Chunming Zhao (Southeast University, P.R. China)
13 Improved Minimum Weight, Girth, and ACE Distributions in Ensembles of Short Block Length Irregular LDPC Codes Constructed using PEG and Cyclic PEG (CPEG) Algorithms Umar-Faruk Abdu-Aguye, Marcel Ambroze and Martin Tomlinson (University of Plymouth, United Kingdom)
14 (3,L) Quasi-Cyclic LDPC Codes: Simplified Exhaustive Search and Designs Cheng Sun, Hengzhou Xu, Dan Feng and Baoming Bai (Xidian University, P.R. China)
15 Coding Theorem for Systematic Low Density Generator Matrix Codes Xiao Ma (Sun Yat-sen University, P.R. China)
16 Multi-Edge-Type LDPC Code Concatenated with Trellis Shaping for PAR Reduction Abdul Wakeel and Werner Henkel (Jacobs University Bremen, Germany)
17 Iterative Decoding for Noisy Network Coding for Two-Way Relay Channels Michael Heindlmaier and Markus Staudacher (Technische Universität München; Institute for Communications Engineering, Germany)
18 Modified Augmented Belief Propagation decoding for general memoryless channels Benjamin Gadat (Airbus Defense & Space, France); Charly Poulliat (University of Toulouse, INPT-ENSEEIHT/IRIT, Toulouse, France)
19 Hybrid Decoding of Interlinked Generalized Concatenated Codes Kirill Ivanov; Peter Trifonov (Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnic University, Russia)
20 Comparison of different schedulings for the ADMM based LDPC decoding Imen Debbabi (Carthage University, GRESCOM Laboratory, Tunisia); Bertrand Le Gal (Bordeaux INP, IMS Laboratory, France); Nadia Khouja and Fethi Tlili (Carthage University, GRESCOM Laboratory, Tunisia); Christophe Jego (Bordeaux INP, IMS Laboratory, France)
21 Min-sum decoding of irregular LDPC codes with adaptive scaling based on mutual information Florence Alberge (University Paris-Sud, France)
22 LDPC Codes and Iterative Decoding over Symbol-Tuple Error Channels Kenta Kasai (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan); Masanori Hirotomo (Saga University, Japan); Masakatu Morii (Kobe University, Japan)
23 On the applicability of Trellis Compression to Turbo-Code decoder hardware architectures Stefan Weithoffer, Frederic Pohl and Norbert Wehn (University of Kaiserslautern, Germany)
24 Beyond Gbps Turbo Decoder on Multi-Core CPUs Adrien Cassagne (University of Bordeaux - Labri / INRIA, France); Thibaud Tonnellier, Camille Leroux and Bertrand Le Gal (Bordeaux INP, IMS Laboratory, France); Olivier Aumage and Denis Barthou (University of Bordeaux - Labri / INRIA, France)
25 Mitigating Hardware Cyber-Security Risks in Error Correcting Decoders Saied Hemati (University of Idaho, USA)
26 Optimized max-dmin precoder assuming maximum squared Euclidean weight-mapping and turbo detection Nhat-Quang Nhan and Philippe Rostaing (University of Brest, Lab-STICC, France); Karine Amis (Telecom Bretagne, Lab-STICC, France); Ludovic Collin and Emanuel Radoi (University of Brest, Lab-STICC, France)
27 Turbo Detection Based On Sparse Decomposition For Massive MIMO Transmission Zahran Hajji, Karine Amis and Abdeldjalil Aïssa-El-Bey (Telecom Bretagne, Lab-STICC, France)
28 Circular Faster Than Nyquist: Transmitter and Iterative Receiver Design Romain Tajan (Bordeaux INP, IMS Laboratory, France); Charly Poulliat and Marie-Laure Boucheret (University of Toulouse, INPT-ENSEEIHT/IRIT, Toulouse, France)
29 Delayed Bit Interleaved Coded Modulation Huixiao Ma, Raymond Wai Kong Leung, Xi Yan, Kevin Law and Marc Fossorier (Huawei Technologies Company Ltd., P.R. China)
30 Turbo Trellis-Coded Modulation: A Weight Spectrum View at the Odd-Even Constraint Konstantinos Arkoudogiannis and Christos E. Dimakis (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece); Konstantinos Koutsouvelis (Hellenic Organization of Telecommunications, Greece)
31 On Remote Source Coding for Signal Estimation via Poisson Sampling Flavio Zabini and Gianni Pasolini (University of Bologna, Italy); Andrea Conti (ENDIF University of Ferrara, WiLAB University of Bologna, Italy)
32 MDS-coded distributed storage for low delay wireless content delivery Amina Piemontese and Alexandre Graell i Amat (Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden)
33 A Turbo-Inspired Iterative Approach for Correspondence Problems of Image Features Ala Aboudib, Vincent Gripon and Gilles Coppin (Telecom Bretagne, Lab-STICC, France)
34 Distributed coding and synaptic pruning Eliott Coyac, Vincent Gripon, Charlotte Langlais and Claude Berrou (Telecom Bretagne, Lab-STICC, France)
35 An HARQ Scheme with Large Rate Adaptation Range and Inter-Packet Cooperative Decoding Chia-Chi Lu and Tofar Chih-Yuan Chang (National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan); Tsu-Hsuan Chien (MediaTek Inc., Taiwan); Yu T. Su (National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan)
36 Some Properties of Homogenous Trellis-Constrained Codes Christian Franck and Ulrich Sorger (University of Luxemburg, Luxembourg)
37 Balanced Locally Repairable Codes Katina Kralevska, Danilo Gligoroski and Harald Øverby (Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway)
38 Performance Analysis for Transmission of Correlated Sources over Non-Orthogonal MARCs Jiguang He, Iqbal Hussain, Valtteri Tervo and Markku Juntti (University of Oulu, Finland); Tad Matsumoto (Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Japan)