Invited talks

Jean-Claude Belfiore, Telecom Paristech /Huawei Technologies, France :

Lattice Codes for Next Generation Wireless Networks

Joseph Boutros, Texas A&M University at Qatar, Qatar :

GLD Ensembles of Codes and Lattices

Muriel Medard, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA :

Two Recent Information Theoretic Variations on the Theme of Patterns in Security.

Simon Thorpe, CerCo, SpikeNet Technology , France :

The Unsupervised Learning Challenge and Spike Based Processing

Gerhard Kramer, Technische Universität München, Germany :

Probabilistic Amplitude Shaping Applied to Fiber-Optic Communication Systems

Li Ping, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong :

Towards Gaussian Capacity, Universality and Short Block Length

Norbert Wehn, University of Kaiserslautern, Germany :

Advanced Iterative Channel Coding Schemes: When Shannon meets Moore

Youtube video :

Lara Dolecek, UCLA, USA :

Coding Theory for Robust Computing: Models, Tools, and Applications

David Declercq, ETIS Lab, ENSEA/University of Cergy-Pontoise, France :

Noise-Aided Gradient Descent Bit-Flipping Decoders approaching Maximum Likelihood Decoding

Gerhard Wunder, FU Berlin, Heisenberg Communications and Information Theory Group, Germany :

Compressive Coded Random Access using Hierarchical Sparsity

Antonia Tulino, Nokia Bell Labs, USA; Università degli studi di Napoli, Italy :

Cache-Aided Coded Multicast for Correlated Sources

Shlomo Shamai, Technion---Israel Institute of Technology, Israel :

Information Theoretic Aspects of Fronthaul-Constrained Cloud and Fog Radio Access Networks

Yingbin Liang, Syracuse University, USA :

Hierarchical Key Generation for Securing Wireless Networks

Dan Costello, University of Notre Dame, USA :

New Perspectives on Braided Convolutional Codes

Rüdiger Urbanke, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland :