The summer school takes place at Moulin Mer, Logonna Daoulas, France. It is located at the south of Brest. You can find more information about the conference center here (website in French). We will organize the transport by car (30 minutes):

  • Monday 20th of June (10 AM) --> transport from Brest to Moulin Mer
  • Friday 24th of June (4 PM) --> transport from Moulin Mer to Brest

How to come to Brest:

  • Plane --> up to 10 flights from Paris (1h30)
  • Train --> up to 10 travels from Paris (4h30)
  • Car --> 600km (6h)

 What to do around Moulin Mer:

  • Regional natural park (website)
  • Islands (website)
  • Oceanopolis aquarium park (website)
  • Ferry boats to UK, Ireland and Spain (website)
  • Outdoor activities: fishing, sailing, surfing, etc...