Proceedings of QIMIE'09

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Philippe Lenca, Stéphane Lallich, pp i-ii.

Interestingness Measures - Limits, Desiderata, and Recent Results
Invited talk Einoshin Suzuki, pp 1-3.

Confidence Width: An Objective Measure for Association Rule Novelty
José L. Balcázar, pp 5-16.

DCR: Discretization using Class Information to Reduce Number of Intervals
Prachya Pongaksorn, Thanawin Rakthanmanon, and Kitsana Waiyamai, pp 17-28.

A framework for monitoring classifiers’ performance: when and why failure occurs
Invited talk by Nitesh V. Chawla, pp 29.

An Assertive Will for Seeing and Believing Introducing a Feature Cardinality Driven Distance Measure to Uninformative Distributions
Joan Garriga, pp 31-42.

Enhancing Rule Importance Measure Using Concept Hierarchy
Jiye Li, Nick Cercone, Serene W. H. Wong, Lisa Yan, pp 43-54.

False neighbourhoods and tears are the main mapping defaults. How to avoid it? How to exhibit remaining ones?
Sylvain Lespinats, Michael Aupetit, pp 55-65.