Optical Access Seamless Evolution (ICT-OASE)

 Experiences, results, lessons learned


The European Integrated Project OASE has during three years (2010-2012) examined Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) in a multi-disciplinary study by a consortium composed of major operators, industrial leaders in FTTH technologies, and European universities and research centres.

Requirements for next-generation access (NGOA) were first defined, observing end-user behaviour, analysing traffic patterns and service requirements, keeping into account regulation and the EC digital agenda, and examining business models constraints. The most promising technological solutions were then selected, further developed, and evaluated in detail against those requirements. Moreover the combination of those technological solutions with different business models was analysed, as well as their impact on FTTH deployment cost, profitability, end user benefit, FTTH penetration and take-up.

In this workshop the project results will be presented and future directions will be discussed.


Workshop program:

Session 1 (15:00-16:20)

  • About OASE (5 min)

Dirk Breuer (Deutsche Telekom), project lead


  • Requirements for next generation Optical Access (10 min + 5 min questions)

Erik Weiss  (Deutsche Telekom, Germany)


  • The OASE technological solutions: system aspects (15 min + 5 min questions)

Björn Skubic (Ericsson, Sweden)


  • The OASE technological solutions: architectures (15 min + 5 min questions)

Lena Wosinska (KTH – Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden)


  • The OASE technological solutions: demonstration (15 min + 5 min questions)

Klaus Grobe (ADVA, Germany)


Coffee break (16:20-16:40)

Session 2 (16:40-18:00)

  • Cost Analysis of the OASE technical solutions (15 min + 5 min questions)

Carmen Mas (TUM – Technical University of Munich, Germany)


  • The OASE solutions in different business models (15 min + 5 min questions)

Sofie Verbrugge (IBBT/iMinds, Belgium)


  • Lessons learned and future directions (15 min + 5 min questions)

Dirk Breuer (Deutsche Telekom), project lead


  • Leveraging the OASE legacy: The Combo Project (15 min + 5 min questions)

     Tdb (France Telecom, France)