HUMOUS'08 - Call for paper

Trends toward reduced staffing of operations and increased number of vehicles to control, and integration with other air operations and combat functions raise the important questions of man-machine or men-machines interaction and of the adequate principles of authority sharing to be applied within multi-UV control systems.

The objective of this conference is to unite the human factors research community with the UV operational community and UV developers to identify the critical human factors challenges associated with UV operations and provide a venue for disseminating peer-reviewed research and industrial results in this growing area.

We also plan to organize meetings between industrial partners, researchers and active operators of UVs from French Army or UV companies / providers.

We especially encourage presentations on the following topics:

  • Multi-UV control and authority sharing
  • New interfaces (multimodalities, context-dependency, adaptability) for UV control and command
  • UAVs for border security and homeland defense
  • Ground control of multiple vehicles:  workload, situation awareness
  • Perceptual issues in remote control of UAVs, UGVs and UUVs
  • Perceptual and cognitive issues in UAV/UGV/UUV sensor operation
  • UV integration with other air operations (military and civilian)
  • Human factors issues specific to applications of remotely operated vehicles
  • Training for remotely operated vehicle operations
  • Sustained operations and remotely operated vehicles

Download the call for paper here (PDF).

Scientific committee

Didier Bazalgette DGA FR
Gilles Coppin TELECOM Br. FR
François Legras TELECOM Br. FR
Jacques Blanc-Talon DGA FR
Pascal Brisset ENAC FR
Sylvain Bruni MIT/HAL USA
Frédéric Cadier TELECOM Br. FR
Duncan Campbell QUT AUS
Francis Céleste DGA FR
François Charpillet LORIA FR
Nancy Cooke ASU/CERI USA
Missy Cummings MIT/HAL USA
Eva Crück DGA FR
Frédéric Dehais ISAE FR
Amandine Dessalles DGA FR
Thomas Devogele École Navale FR
Jill Drury MITRE USA
Amal El Fallah-Segrouchni LIP6 FR
Dominique Izambert EADS FR
Olivier Grisvard THALES FR
Yvon Kermarrec TELECOM Br. FR
Sorin Moga TELECOM Br. FR
Franck Poirier UBS FR
Patrick Raynal Py Automation FR
Olivier Reichert SAGEM FR
Olivier Simonin LORIA FR
Catherine Tessier ONERA FR


Organizing committee

Gilles Coppin
François Legras
Sylvie Saget