Call For Papers


All PhD students in the department of Computer Science – Telecom Bretagne are required to submit a paper to this symposium if they are going to enroll in next academic year.


Topics of interest

The thesis subject of each PhD student. 

1. For 1st year students: the submission should describe your thesis research including a general description, a state-of-the-art review, problem identification, expected works, futher research orientation and plan, etc.

2. For 2nd (or more) year students: the submission should include the areas that mentioned above and also with some research results, propositions, suggestions or solutions, etc.


Information below should be contained in the report:

Surname - First name:
Doctoral School:
Director and supervisor:
Co-supervision (yes / no):
Year of the first registration of the thesis:
Expected year of the thesis defense:
For PhD students in Matisse doctoral school:
- Amount of scientific training since the beginning of the thesis
- Amount of general or professional training since the beginning of the thesis
Subject of the thesis
Contents of the report:
- Explanation of the thesis
- Journal reviews
- The research works
- A research plan for the year or years to come
You can use following documents as templates:

Paper Submission

The submission is expected to be in the format of the annual report for re-enrollment: 3 to 4 pages. A review process will be held by professors in the department to make sure that the submission is in the best form to describe the work of the PhD student. These papers will be collected and submitted as the annual reports of the PhD students for their doctoral school re-enrollment in next academic year.

All submissions must be prepared in PDF format and emailed to:




All paper will be reviewed by at least 2 members of the scientific committee not involved in the PhD supervision. Comments will be provided and sent to the students via email.




The scientific committee of the symposium expects the work of PhD students of the 2nd year (or more) to be more mature than students in their first year. Therefore, they are required to have a longer presentation duration than the 1st year students.


1. For 1st year students: 10 mins presentation + 5 mins question time

2. For 2nd (or more) year students: 15 mins presentation + 10 mins question time