Topics that will be presented and disccussed duriung the symposium include:

  • The Relationship Between Research and Companies.
  • Automation of Software Development.
  • Peer-to-Peer Live Video Sharing.
  • New Advances in Optical Networks.
  • Dynamic Adaptation for Distributed Systems.
  • MDE: Model-Transformation Reuse.
  • Android Programming.
  • Optimizing Video Delivery.


The Department of  Computer Science at Telecom Bretagne is organizing the 2012 doctoral symposium to be held on February 9, 2012 in Brest, France.


The  Computer Science Doctoral Symposium (CSDS2012) is an event for the presentation of technological advances and research results in the fields of theoretical, experimental, and applied Computer Science, Software Engineering, Networks, and related fields for PhD students in the computer science department  at Telecom Bretagne. CSDS2012 will bring together PhD students, researchers, professors, and engineers in the department to share their work, views, ideas, and more. This event is a cross-disciplinary symposium, which means all participants and attendees sharing there interests and views with colleagues who are not working directly in their specific area. It is an occasion to see how others are trying to make progress in their areas, and hopefully this will spark useful discussions and collaborations.

The organizing committee hopes to make this event an excellent opportunity for PhD students in the department to present their work using well-accepted academic standards, while at the same time keeping this event to be local event with fewer constraints than are usually found in highly ranked international conferences. This particularly applies to the review process, which will not be selective in nature, but rather, designed to tailor the submissions to meet the academic standards of paper submission.  Symposium proceedings, which contain all papers submitted to the symposium, will be published on this website soon after the symposium date, for further reference.


This year we are delighted to have an invited speaker to share her experience  concerning the relationship between research and industry in computer science. Her speech will analyse the research-and-nnovation chain, from theory and scientific concepts to technologies and final products. This topic is one of the most interesting topics that all people working in technology hope to know more about. This will bring up debates about theoretical versus applied research, and questions about the importance of high quality scientific content in the success of technology enterprises, with real examples from different players and their interactions. Our invited speaker is a distinguished figure with years of experience in both academia and industry in the area of computer science and communication.



Important Dates


Paper submission deadline: November 15, 2011 November 25, 2011
Notification from reviewers: December 2011
Slides submission deadline: January 15, 2012
Final notification from reviewers: February 1, 2012
Symposium: February 9, 2012