SETOP 2009

Travelling to and in Saint Malo

How to reach Saint Malo

  • From Paris
    • By car: take the highway A11 to Rennes and RN 137 to Saint Malo
    • By train: take the line TGV Paris-Montparnasse-Saint Malo (2h55)
  • From England: you can reach Saint Malo by boat. You can for example visit the Tourism/transport page of the Saint Malo website
  • From Normandy: by car, take the highway A84
  • You can also reach Saint Malo by plane, at Dinard-Pleurtuit Saint-Malo airport (10km from Saint Malo)

Also these informations are available on the tourist board website.

Saint Malo Intra-Muros

You can download the map of Saint Malo Intra-Muros.


Saint Malo

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Palais du Grand Large

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