Télécom Bretagne

Joint ETICS and Euro-NF PhD Course

"Economics and Technologies for Inter-Carrier Services"

The European projects ETICS and EuroNF are organizing a joint PhD course on "Economics and Technologies for Inter-Carrier Services".

It will be hosted by Institut Telecom in its Telecom Paris buildings from october 17th to october 21st, 2011.

PhD Course Summary

The Internet has evolved from Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 with lots of new applications (P2P, YouTube video, Video On Demand, etc...) that created new business opportunities for Over The Top (OTT) players. These new bandwith demanding applications are putting Network Service Providers (NSP) under distress since they are not able to control them appropriately and to charge them according to the induced costs. 

QoS mechanisms such as DiffServ or MPLS-TE have been deployed for years in intra-carrier environments. But whereas most applications span multiple domains no satisfactory technical solutions for end-to-end QoS across heterogeneous carrier networks are available. Moreover NSP revenues mainly come from flat rate pricing in the access and peering agreements remain static whereas new business models should be developed for guaranteed services across multiple domains. 

This PhD course will adress that problem from both the economical and technological point of view. See the program and summary of talks for more details. For questions about the organization please contact Sandrine Vaton (Institut Telecom/Telecom Bretagne), mail: sandrine.vaton@telecom-bretagne.eu