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Graphemics in the 21st century—From graphemes to knowledge

The conference will take place at IMT Atlantique (formerly Télécom Bretagne), in Brest, on June 14-15-16, 2018.

Conference topics

  • Epistemology of graphemics: history, onomastics, topics, interaction with other disciplines
  • Foundations of graphemics
  • History and typology of writing systems, comparative graphemics
  • Semiotics of writing and of writing systems
  • Computational/formal graphemics
  • Graphemic theory of Unicode encoding
  • Graphemics as part of linguistics, in particular: graphemics vs. phonology
  • Orthographic reforms, theory and practice
  • Graphemics and multiliteracy
  • Sinographemics
  • Typographemics and interaction of typography and graphemics
  • Texting, latinization, new forms of written language
  • ASCII art, emoticons and other pictorial uses of graphemes
  • The future of writing, of writing systems and styles
  • Graphemics and font technologies
  • Graphemics in steganography and computer security (phishing, typosquatting, etc.)
  • Graphemics in media and communication / Aesthetics of writing in the digital era
  • Graphemics in experimental psychology and cognitive sciences
  • Teaching graphemics, the five Ws and one H
  • Applications of graphemics in natural language processing and text mining
  • Applications of graphemics in optical character recognition and information technologies