Invited Talks

Invited Speaker: Thomas Jensen

Talk title: Information flow analysis against web tracking


Web tracking refers to a collection of techniques that allow websites to create profiles of its users. While such profiles might be useful for personalized advertising, it is generally considered a problem which brings user privacy under attack.
Web tracking can be done via scripts which collect various informations with the goal of fingerprinting users. The
attacker collects various browser and OS properties via a script execution in a user’s browser.  The more properties he collects, and
the more unique are those properties, the more likely the attacker will uniquely identify the user. In this talk, I will present a hybrid  information flow analysis based on tracking attacker knowledge, and discuss how such information can be used to identify and protect against web tracking.


Thomas Jensen is research director at INRIA. He holds a PhD from Imperial College and a habilitation from U. Rennes 1. He is scientific leader of the Celtique research team in Rennes, and in charge of the research track on IT security at the French excellence centre CominLabs. His research is concerned with program analysis and abstract interpretations, programming language semantics and software security. He has contributed both to the theoretical foundations  of program analysis and to the analysis and security certification for the Java language and its dialect Java Card. More recently, he has designed information flow analyses aimed at web applications based on the notion of attacker knowledge.


Invited Speaker: Gérard LE COMTE 

Talk title: A journey in banking information security

Gérard is Group Strategic Security Leader within Societe Generale bank, owner of strategic security measures. Graduated by french school of Computer science EPITA, Gérard LE COMTE worked within IT provider services for 12 years, as head of security and storage solution services.

He have been working for Société Générale bank since 2009 as security consultant, and later as IT security operations manager, in charge of SG infrastructure Security Operation Center.
He has been involved in redesigning the bank’s security model and is addressing today new challenges like secure public cloud usage, security innovation. He is holding many security practitioner certifications like (ISC)2 CISSP, ISACA CISM.

The journey in banking security will be addressed through the following points :

  • Context
  • Organisation & high level security controls
  • Evolution of security controls
  • Security innovation

Invited Speaker: Arnaud Tisserand

Talk title: Hardware support for physical security


Embedded systems have to increasingly support cryptographic primitives
such as authentication and cyphering. Speed was considered for many
years the main design target. But today, energy and security against
physical attacks are essential constraints in many embedded applications. Software implementations are flexible but they can fairly easily leak secret data. This talk will show how hardware acceleration can assist programmers in designing more secure cryptosystems. It will introduce general principles and provide some examples in physical attacks and hardware protections or countermeasures using simple applications in asymmetric cryptography.

Arnaud Tisserand is research director at CNRS (French National Center for Scientific Research) in computer science and microelectronics inLab-STICC laboratory, Lorient, France. He holds a PhD from Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon (1997).

His research interests include applied cryptography, computer arithmetic, computer architecture, digital security, physical attacks, hardware/software countermeasures, integrated circuit design, VLSI and FPGA design. He taught cryptology and hardware secure design in the Master degree on CyberSecurity for Embedded Systems at the University of South Brittany, Lorient.


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Important Dates

Conference date/place:
19th-21st September, 2016, Dinard, France.

Submission deadline:
June 23rd, 2017

Deadline for short papers and posters:
July 6th, 2017

Acceptance Notification:
July 28th, 2017

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August 20th, 2017
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